Life During Wartime: Proactive Cybersecurity is a Humanitarian Imperative, February 7, 2024 ‘Alice in Cyberspace’ Conference Nurtures Women’s Interest, Representation in Cybersecurity. January 12, 2024. Reporting Cyber Incidents Within 72 Hours: Challenges Ahead. BankInfo Security. 2023. Run Toward the Incident: Collaboration between Academia and Law Enforcement for Cybersecurity, May 17, 2023. Pre-College Students STEaM to Future Career Success at Kean. August 8, 2023. Kean Student Athlete Perseveres, Graduates Despite Personal Loss. June 20, 2023. See Yourself in Cybersecurity: How an expert is encouraging all students and practitioners to explore the field (and our Catalog). July 13, 2022. New Jersey’s Ukrainian Community Worried for Friends, Family Overseas. February 23, 2022. Kean University Named Cybersecurity Center of Excellence. Government Technology. Feb. 2022. Blockchain Technologies Will Be Integrated with Information Security and Cybersecurity Products. CISOMAG. Jan. 2022. InfraGard National - 2023 National Award Recipients - Rookie of the Year, 2023. Cybersecurity Threat Predictions with a Primer in Machine Learning. CISOMAG. Dec. 2020. Cybersecurity Awareness Tools for Global Public Health Innovations. Outcomes Rocket. 2021. Doing More to Support Those Residing in Assisted-Living or Eldercare Facilities with Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Prevention. United States Cybersecurity Magazine. Feb. 2020. Why Cyberthreats Tied to COVID-19 Could Hit Diverse Targets. Health Info Security. May, 2020. Bringing greater attention and awareness to cybersecurity practices in the global public health sector. Security Magazine. Nov. 2020. Coronavirus: The Public Health Cybersecurity Issues. Healthcare Info Security. March 2020. Cybersecurity Considerations with the Increasing Uses of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) or Drones, 2021. Improving Cyber Hygiene with Greater Social Cybersecurity Engagement, 2020. Announcing the winners of the 2022 EdScoop 50 Awards Kean University Students Prepare for Cybersecurity Certification Exams in Free Summer Program

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